Saddle Care



Caring for Your Cardiff Saddle

Leather being a natural and porous material offers the benefit of molding to your body and staying
cool in warm weather. But it also takes special care to keep it in pristine condition.

A good leather conditioner (Cardiff offers a Leather Lube kit) will help lengthen a saddle's life and help
the saddle "break-in" and adapt to your body better. A new saddle should be polished first to remove
residual color that may be left during the tanning process. Otherwise the color may transfer to your
clothing. Leather Lube could be used a couple of times during the break-in process and then
2 to 3 times a year thereafter.

Apply the conditioner all over the saddle with a soft lint free cloth. Allow it to dry and then polish off.
If you live in humid conditions or ride in rainy conditions, consider applying a thin layer of Leather Lube
to the underside of the leather. This does not need to be polished off. The conditioner helps keep
the leather supple as well as makes it moisture resistant. It doesn't make the saddle water-proof;
we recommend you use a saddle cover if you ride in the rain or fog.

Leather naturally stretch over times over time. A tension bolt at the nose allows you to re-tension
the saddle to maintain the support and firmness you prefer. Loosen the locknut with the wrench.
Turn the allen bolt at the nose only 45 degrees at a time until you reach desired tension.
Re-tighten the locknut. You should only have to do this occasionally or hardly ever. Over-tensioning
will damage the leather. The laces on the Touring models also help control tension/firmness.

If saddle gets wet, allow it to fully air-dry. Leather is weaker when wet, so it is easier to damage
when wet. Do not condition your saddle if it is wet or recently wet. Do not tension the saddle if
it is wet. Try not to ride your saddle when it is wet, especially in light colored clothing.



Cardiff Saddles are warrantied against manufacturer's defects for FIVE YEARS from date of purchase. If you have an issue to report with your saddle, bring it back to the place of purchase along with your proof of purchase.








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