Introducing Cardiff Ltd.:
The Story Goes Something Like This

James and Bradford were on vacation in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, visiting James' Uncle Mulligan. They were also determined to visit as many of the splendid pubs which the city is known. On their third pub of the day, the Newt & Cucumber on Wharton Street, James and Bradford were talking bicycle saddles. They wondered why there weren't more of the old classic leather saddles, especially affordable ones.

"There used to be a bunch of choices like Phillips, Dunlop and Mansfield." said James.

Brad asked, "Well Jimmy, why don't you make your own collection of leather seats."

"Great idea, Brad. And we'll name the collection the "Newt & Cucumber" after the place where this grand idea was born." With that they raised their mugs and drank to it.

Later that same evening Brad revealed he didn't like the name Jim had chosen. He liked the Owain Glyndwr which was his favorite pub on the trip so far. Jim countered, "Who outside of Wales can pronounce that?! You're not even pronouncing it right!" After a bit of name calling and drunken sparring, the two eventually they settled on the name "The Slug & Lettuce". Again they raised their mugs and drank to it.

Two days later on plane ride back to the U.S., they both agreed that Slug & Lettuce may not fly, so they finally selected Cardiff as the name of their new venture.

And the rest is the rest.



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